Few words about me

My name is Primož Hauptman and I come from small village in Slovenia. As a little kid, I have always watched all kinds of machinery with great interest. The interest has grown into the desire for studying mechanical engineering, which I successfully completed. After graduating I got a job in a local company. Wood modelling full my free time since 1994, when I was still in elementary school. Together with other hobbies, modelling today still represent great relaxation and unlimited creativeness.

First wooden models

It all started with reading a craft magazine, where I once saw plans for building a wooden model of an excavator. The idea was interesting to me and I wanted to make something similar myself. Already at the beginning I was picky. Models build according to plans from magazines were not a challenge to me, because they were not enough functional. My father had ofered himself to draw me plans for a custom made model. The result was a simple model of wheel excavator. It was made from an old plywood door, which were lying in the woodshed to be burned in the upcoming winter. Soon after the excavator was built, I started cutting pieces for tipper truck. Every next model was more challenging, since I started to design and draw the models by myself.

Modelling today

In first few years I have built few more or less simple products. At the beginning, I made all model parts from plywood of thickness 6mm and cut them out with hand carving saw. Over the years models the became more and more demanding for design and building. I started to combine different thicknesses and types of wood and realized, that some things can be also done out of right angles. Wood cutting and assembling no longer tolerate mistakes. For this reason I bought electric carving saw, which help me control the angle of cut. I bought also a mini lathe, learned some new techniques for bending wood and gave more attention to final treatment of model. Thus, over the years the models have been becoming more realsitic and functional.

In all these years I have polished my skills to the point, where odd shapes, complexed mechanisms and minimal tolerances, mean even greater chalenge in the design and manufacture. The complexity of models quite extends the time from idea to final product. But at the same time, the view on finished products is more enthusiastic. And of course, each model is hiding his own story, and each one is special on its own way.

There are lots of new ideas for continuing with modeling and only the imagination, which is always present, is the path to new results.